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Skin Cancer Specialist in DC

If you have been referred to a specialist by your general healthcare provider, you may be wondering just exactly what a skin cancer treatment specialist does. How can a skin cancer specialist in Washington, DC help you? Let’s take a look! What Does a Skin Cancer Specialist in Washington, DC Do? Your general practitioner may […]

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Does Skin Cancer Spread?

Being diagnosed with skin cancer can be scary and overwhelming. But, just how worried do you have to be about your skin cancer? Some types of cancer can spread (or metastasize) and impact other parts of your body. So, does skin cancer spread? The Answer to Your Question, “Does Skin Cancer Spread,” Is No, Not […]

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The Best Skin Cancer Treatment Options in Maryland

There’s no form of cancer more common than skin cancer. If you’re suffering from skin cancer in Maryland, however, you may have options for treatment. Depending on the specifics of your condition, different techniques may be more or less applicable. Mohs Micrographic Surgery Skin Cancer Treatment There are two types of skin cancer more common […]

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skin cancer in maryland

Skin Cancer in Maryland: Types, Signs, Symptoms and More

Did you know, that UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds is the leading cause of skin cancer in Maryland? And with summer about to officially get under way, many individuals and families will be looking to spend more time outside. While an afternoon at the pool or a trip to the beach is […]

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