Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Maryland is a safe, easy, quick and effective solution for getting rid of unwanted hair on the face and body.

At Mid-Atlantic Skin of Maryland, we use state-of-the-art laser energy devices designed to remove hair with less discomfort.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves an energy device which administers pulsating beams of light energy to eliminate unwanted hair.

During the laser hair removal procedure, the safe energy heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth.

Laser hair removal is Maryland’s most popular and common cosmetic procedure for both men and women. At Mid-Atlantic Skin, we assist you in getting rid of that unwanted body or facial hair with ease.

Imagine eliminating the frustrations of shaving, the discomfort of waxing and tweezing, or for some the use of harsh chemicals to rid unwanted body hair.

Now you can experience your life, free of unwanted hair with a safe laser hair removal service in Maryland at Mid-Atlantic Skin.

How Many Sessions Are Needed for Laser Hair Removal?

Generally, a minimum of six treatments is needed for optimal results, but on average we require enough sessions to weaken the hair follicle and prevent further hair growth.

What Results Can I Expect After the First Laser Hair Removal Session in Maryland?

Results can be very minimal after the first session or first couple of sessions; the hair might become thinner as it comes back and it will certainly grow slower.

These outcomes are temporary in nature. More permanent results are achieved after several treatment sessions as the hair follicle becomes weaker and eventually the hair stops growing.

Experts at Mid-Atlantic Skin will be able to follow your progress and make treatment adjustments necessary to gain optimal results.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Discomfort is a normal thing during laser hair removal in Maryland. The laser we use at Mid-Atlantic Skin is equipped with a cooling device that helps in reducing discomfort and protecting the top layer of the dermis or skin.

If the discomfort is unbearable, we do have a topical numbing cream and anesthetic that can be applied on the area to be treated to reduce pain.

We also suggest you take an ibuprofen if your pain tolerance is low. However, most patients don’t feel much during the treatments at our dermatology practice, as we are experts in laser hair removal in Maryland.

What Should I Do Before Coming to My First Session?

Before coming for your laser hair removal procedure, we ask you to be sure to shave the area that needs to be treated for laser hair removal.

Do not wax or pluck the unwanted hair prior to your visit. It is recommended that you shave in between your laser hair sessions as well.

Why Do I Have to Wait Six Weeks for My Next Appointment?

Different areas of the body or face have different hair growth cycles; therefore, we recommend treatments approximately every six weeks in between targeting growth cycles between 4-8 weeks to obtain optimal laser hair removal results.

Will I Need Time off From Work?

Laser hair removal at Mid-Atlantic Skin is a practically pain-free, non-invasive procedure. There is no need for a recovery time or process for recovery, nor is there a need for any missed days of social events or anything work related.

After your treatment, you can return to work immediately after your laser hair removal procedure in Maryland– or even the same day if you’d prefer.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Maryland?

Laser hair removal costs money out of your pocket, but by calculating the lifetime cost of shaving, waxing, plucking, threading or whatever your current method of getting rid of those hairs, it’s easy to see that you’re making a wise and worthwhile investment.

It’s difficult to give a finite cost since the fees are based on the number of treatment areas and the number of sessions required to get long-lasting results.

Your consultation at Mid-Atlantic Skin is FREE so you can determine very tangibly and quickly if the treatment is something that’s right for you.

In most cases, laser hair removal is the right choice, and we’re confident that you’ll find our rates quite reasonable.

Mid-Atlantic Skin Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas:

Small Area by Definition:
(Upper lip, Chin, Side jaw, Underarms, Nipples, Stomach line, Hands, Feet)

Medium Area by Definition:
(Shoulders, Lower arms, Bikini, Thighs)

Large Area by Definition:
(Face, Full arms, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Brazilian, Full legs)