Microneedling and PRP

With so many high-tech skin rejuvenation treatments out there, you might not realize that Microneedling goes toe to toe with the best of them.

Microneedling is a treatment that’s as affordable as it is effective, and it gets you out the door in time to possibly grab lunch on the way back to work from your lunch break.

The Microneedling Process

It’s a simple process. In areas where your skin might need some extra collagen, Microneedling is applied, and it’s roughly what it sounds like: the areas of your skin that are needled take “precise damage.” Thus, collagen and elastin synthesis is kickstarted, and your body starts its natural healing process.

What can be helped with this treatment? Quite a few things. Wrinklesacne scarring, hyperpigmentation just to name a few. But in general, microneedling just leaves you looking more radiant–and with hardly any downtime, considering that all you experience is redness for a day.

But it gets even better.

The PRP Effect

The fact of the matter is, Platelet Rich Plasma is a small miracle of the universe. Simply by extracting from blood the plasma that has a higher concentration of platelets, we can take the parts of your blood with the most growth factor necessary for healing and use them in other healing processes.

PRP might be the future of medicine in general, and it’s no slouch in aiding Microneedling. Microneedling creates natural channels for the PRP to be absorbed in your body.

PRP provides the stuff your body needs to make the healing process even more effective and even more efficient. The two reinforce each other and give each other synergy. The result? An even more radiant face, and even more treatment for any skin issues you may have.

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