Do I Have Skin Cancer?

Do I have skin cancer?” This question haunts many of us as we scan our skin for changes and abnormalities over the years. 

However, the only way to really be able to rest easy about your skin is to get checked yearly by your skincare professional. 

What Is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the most common cancer detected in humans. 

In fact, in 2020 alone over 100 thousand people are anticipated to be diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. 

There are three types of skin cancer:

  1. Basal cell carcinoma
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma
  3. Melanoma

What Causes Skin Cancer?

The most common cause of skin cancer is the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet rays, often from the sun.

However, other causes of skin cancer include the following:

  • Usage of tanning booths
  • Immune system impairment
  • Contact with chemicals that may cause squamous cell carcinoma

Skin cancer is also more likely to occur in those with fair skin and with light hair and eyes.

What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

You should always be monitoring your body for changes in size, shape color, or elevation of any moles as this is a sign that you may have skin cancer.

Moreover, always check for any crusting, bleeding, soreness, itching, or pain with an existing mole.

You should also tell your doctor about any new moles that have formed over the years.

When to See a Doctor

If you have frequent sun exposure or if you have experienced any of the symptoms above, it is important that you schedule regular skin checks with your doctor.

In the case where skin cancer is detected, your doctor will have tests that they can do to help identify and treat your condition including MOHs.

Do I Have Skin Cancer?

If you believe you might have skin cancer do not wait one more second to speak with a professional.

Call Mid Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute today to schedule your consultation with a member of our team, (301)396-3401.

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