Tips to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

You might feel intimidated by the prospect of finding a top plastic surgeon, but you can relax. Follow these helpful tips to find the best plastic surgeon in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

1. Begin Here

You might not know where to start your search, so begin with family and friends. If you are close to someone who has had plastic surgery, ask them about their experience and who they’d recommend. You might also want to ask your primary care doctor for a recommendation. 

2. Once You Have Names, Do a Bit of Research

Obviously, you need a board-certified plastic surgeon, but what about their experience? Their training and skill? Their success rate? You want to interview your surgeon and ask questions about their experience with the type of procedure you want.

3. Go Online and Read Reviews

People are often eager to share their experiences online, whether good or bad. Many plastic surgeons have testimonials on their websites. Make sure to take a look at their social media pages too.

4. Schedule Your Consultation

Preparing for a consultation is an essential step in your process to find the best plastic surgeon in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. It serves several purposes. During this appointment, you can get to know your surgeon, look at before / after photos to get a sense of their aesthetic style, and you can determine whether you’re compatible.

Your Search for the Best Plastic Surgeon in St. Mary’s County, Maryland Ends When You Make This Call!

At Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute, Dr. George K. Verghese leads our team with a total commitment to providing you with the highest-quality professional and compassionate service. 

We offer many cosmetic procedures using only the most advanced technology and techniques. If you’re interested in plastic surgery, we invite you to contact us at 301-396-3401 to schedule your consultation today!

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