SmartLipo for All Skin Types in PG County

Nothing would make you feel more confident with your body than getting rid of stubborn fat and cellulite.

However, working out just isn’t working, and you’re not ready for a super invasive surgery.

SmartLipo is a great alternative to traditional liposuction. So, what is it, and is Smart Lipo for all skin types in PG County? 

Give Me the Details of the Procedure

A surgeon makes a small incision near the area being treated. Tumescent fluid is inserted into the area via a cannula, a small plastic tube.

Tumescent fluid helps control bleeding, contains lidocaine as a numbing agent, and hardens the area around your treatment area to prevent damage to surrounding tissue.  

Next, a laser is inserted to melt your fat, and then fat is sucked out using an aspirating cannula. Melting your fat beforehand allows a larger amount of fat to be removed than traditional liposuction. 

What Makes Smart Lipo Better Than Traditional Liposuction? 

Smart Lipo is faster, safer, and more effective than traditional liposuction. It is also excellent at reducing cellulite!

You are only given local anesthesia and a mild sedative for treatment. There are usually no sutures needed, but you may not submerge the treated area in water for at least a week. 

So, Is Smart Lipo for All Skin Types in PG County? 

Smart Lipo is absolutely for all skin types. The laser is not attracted to pigment, it’s attracted to fat. So, your skin type isn’t a factor with Smart Lipo. 

Achieve Remarkable Results From Smart Lipo for All Skin Types in PG County at Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute!

Get personalized, comprehensive care at Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute. Our staff would love to answer any questions you may have about Smart Lipo.

Contact our clinic today at 301-396-3401 to schedule a consultation to see if Smart Lipo can help you achieve your image goals! 

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