Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Tired of ingrown hairs, awkward angles, and short-lived smooth skin? Laser hair removal to the rescue! How much does Brazilian laser hair removal cost in Lexington Park, Maryland? Is it worth it? The answer might surprise you!

What Are the Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal comes with a ton of perks in general, but in such an intimate area it comes with even more. Brazilian laser hair removal is so beneficial because it:

  • Can be easily customized to your hair preferences, whether you like it neat or fully bare
  • Prevents ingrown hairs, razor burns, and rashes
  • Is not nearly as painful as waxing
  • Offers long-lasting results, especially compared to shaving and waxing
  • Saves you both time and money
  • Is quick and easy

How Much Does Brazilian LHR Cost in Lexington Park, Maryland?

On average, a Brazilian laser hair removal session costs anywhere from $320 to $380. While it is such a small area to treat, laser technicians tend to price it a little higher than underarms or other smaller areas are given the delicate nature and precautions that must be taken.

Many people would agree that laser hair removal is worth the money because it actually saves in the long run. Consider the amount of water, shaving cream, and razors used to shave this area, only for there to repeat again the next day – add it up over time, and you’ll spend more to put yourself at risk of razor burn, cuts, and other unwanted side effects in your life than for laser.

Bottom line: it’s worth it to invest!

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