best skin cancer center in maryland

Skin cancer can be scary, and that’s why it’s important you take control of your health by regularly examining your skin. If you notice something suspicious, then it’s time to visit the best skin cancer center in Maryland. Early detection and skin cancer treatment mean a better outcome for you! Here are five signs to book an appointment with a specialist.

1. You Notice an Unusual Spot on Your Skin

Skin cancer can show in many forms. For example, a dome-shaped growth, sores that don’t heal, scaly patches, or nail discoloration can all be signed.

2. Spots on Your Skin Begin to Change

If any of these unusual spots bleed or itch, or you notice a mole that doesn’t look like other moles on your skin, it’s time to seek help at the best skin cancer center in Maryland.

3. You Feel Perfectly Fine, Even Though You Have Unusual Spots

Oftentimes, people with skin cancer don’t feel sick at all and they convince themselves they’re okay. It’s never a good idea to ignore spots on your skin even if you’re feeling well.

4. You Think You May Need a Biopsy

Currently, there are no at-home tests for skin cancer, and that’s why you may need a biopsy. This can only be done by a medical professional in a sterile, clinical setting.

You’re Interested in a Free Cancer Screening

While examining your skin regularly at home is a must-do, you can get a little help with free cancer screenings. So, if your provider offers them, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment for one.

Where Do I Go to Find the Best Skin Cancer Center in Maryland?

Choose Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute! Our expert medical team uses only the most advanced technology and skin cancer treatments. 

Contact us at 301-396-3401 if you are looking for comprehensive, personalized care. We encourage you to take advantage of our free cancer screenings!

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