Botox Washington DC

Do I look older? Do I feel the same way I look? These are frequently asked questions of patients in Washington DC.

In the city as galas and banquets commence; it comes up before we get dressed to go out.

Lines, wrinkles, and folds on the skin are signs of aging. Can we prevent this aging? Let’s learn how wrinkles happen?

What Causes Wrinkles in Washington DC?

The movement of muscles causes creases, lines, and folds in the skin. Wrinkles become visible at rest and worsen overtime.

Muscle movement, creates skin sagging, and facial animation are all wrinkle causes. The genetic traits are passed down from our parents.

These too are variable to the amount of wrinkles we see. What muscles are making these lines?

Which Muscles Can Create Wrinkles?

The Frontails, are forehead muscles, creating visible lines across the forehead. When we are surprised, curious, or excited we make these wrinkles happen.

The Corrugator or Eye Brow Muscles group is a strong or fatty muscle. This muscle group is located underneath the eyebrows.

These are lines created between your eyebrows, known as “elevens.” The Orbicularis Oculi creates commonly known Crows Feet wrinkles around the eyes.

How Can We Fix Wrinkles in Washington DC?

Botox Washington DC, Dysport, and Xeomin are all effective wrinkle erasers. These products slow down the movement of muscles. If we slow down muscle movement we can soften and relax lines on the face via micro injections of these products.

Many of these patients are as young as 21 years old. Lines across the eyes or forehead are easier to address when treated earlier in life. Many muscles become stronger as we age, if not addressed.

Lines become more defined and noticeable over time. Addressing your wrinkles and muscle anatomy should be done by the best, call Cosmetic Skin Institute in Washington DC today: 202-965-7546.

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