Liposuction in Leonardtown

Considering Liposuction in Leonardtown? Choose SmartLipo Instead!

Liposuction is a great way to rid yourself of troublesome fat that diet and exercise just can’t touch.

However, liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that usually requires a long and often painful recovery. If you’re looking for liposuction in Leonardtown, consider SmartLipo instead.

Why Choose SmartLipo Revolutionary Fat Reduction Instead of Liposuction?

Listen, you don’t have to have invasive surgery to reduce fat. SmartLipo is a minimally invasive fat reduction treatment that uses laser technology to destroy fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed and melted down, gentle suction is used to permanently remove them from your body!

SmartLipo is a revolutionary procedure that combines the benefits of traditional liposuction and non-surgical methods like CoolSculpting. Although it is a minor surgery, SmartLipo requires only a few rest days afterwards. You’ll likely achieve results with only one treatment and see them within a week afterwards.

The best part? SmartLipo gives you similar amounts of fat reduction that traditional liposuction does and has an added benefit of skin tightening! Surgical fat reduction procedures typically only reduce up to 25% of fat and will likely require multiple treatments. Why look for liposuction in Leonardtown when you can look for SmartLipo instead?

What Are You Waiting For? Here’s How To Get SmartLipo, the Best Liposuction in Leonardtown!

Are you looking into SmartLipo rather than liposuction in Leonardtown, now that you know how amazing it is?

SmartLipo is a phenomenal alternative to traditional liposuction, costs about the same or less, requires only a few days of recovery, shows results within a week, and you usually only need to do it once!

Look no further because Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery offers SmartLipo in Leonardtown.

We provide the best fat reduction treatments on the market to you and help you get rid of that troublesome fat. Contact us at 301-396-3401 to schedule a consultation today!

Trust our body sculpting experts to help you create your ideal image.

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