Double Chin Treatment

You can find a lot of over-the-counter gadgets that promise to get rid of your double chin. You can even find videos online that claim to slim your chin, but these things don’t actually work.

You’ve heard Morpheus8 gives beautiful results on other parts of your body. But, does Morpheus8 work for your chin? If so, how much does double chin reduction cost?

Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Double Chin on My Own?

As you age, your collagen production decreases and your skin loses laxity.

This allows the skin on your neck and other places to sag or become crepey. You could have also had weight fluctuations that resulted in a double chin.

Give Me the Scoop on How Morpheus8 Works.

Morphues8 uses radiofrequency microneedling to stimulate the production of collagen in your chin. Microneedles in a handheld applicator are placed against your chin in a gentle stamping technique.

This tricks your skin into thinking it’s injured, and your body responds by producing more collagen and letting go of stubborn fat. The result is a firmer, thinner chin.

Awesome! Tell Me About Recovery.

There is no downtime after Morpheus 8, and you can return to your daily activities right after treatment.

However, you may experience a red and / or shiny chin for a couple days after your treatment.

But, this is temporary and goes away on its own without any further treatment. 

How Much Does Double Chin Reduction Cost?

Morpheus8 treatment in general can range from $350 – $3,500 depending on how large the area is you’re treating, your geographic location, and the person providing your treatment.

Since the chin is a small area, it will be on the lower end of the estimate. But, the only way to find out the true cost is by consulting a medical professional for a personalized quote.

Experience Stunning Results with Morpheus8 at Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute!

We have Morpheus8 at Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery and have helped many people successfully achieve an improved profile with this amazing treatment! So, if you’re considering Morpheus8 and wondering, “How much does double chin reduction cost,” then contact us today at 301-396-3401 to schedule your consultation. For incredible results from Morpheus8 on your chin or other areas, choose our skilled providers at Mid-Atlantic!

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