How Long Does Dysport Last?

If you’re considering cosmetic injections such as Dysport, you obviously want the most bang for your buck.

To help stretch your cosmetic dollars farther, you want your rejuvenated appearance to last as long as possible, so you can hold off on maintenance injections.

So, you’re likely wondering how long does Dysport last. The truth is, the answer depends.

So, What’s the Real Deal? How Long Does Dysport Last?

The truth is that the answer is different for everyone. You can expect Dyport results to last between three to six months, which is similar to other botulinum type A injections including Botox.

Typically, you start seeing results within just a couple of days after getting Dysport injections. The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles appears over time, with the full effect taking about two weeks.

After you start noticing your results wearing off, you can have maintenance injections to help you keep the lines and wrinkles at bay.

You can repeat Dysport injections every three months until you achieve your desired aesthetic.

There is no way to tell upfront how long your Dysport results will last or how often you will need to repeat injections to maintain your youthful appearance.

How Can You Make Your Rejuvenating Results From Dysport Last a Little Longer? Here’s the Secret!

Who doesn’t want their injections to last as long as possible?! There are ways you can help extend the longevity of your results, such as using facial moisturizer and avoiding the sun. 

But the real key to making your injections last as long as possible is to choose a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable provider for Dysport injections.

They can make or break your results! So, for long-lasting Dysport, call us here at Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute at 301-396-3401 or contact us online to book with one of our outstanding injectors to find out just how long does Dysport last for you!

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