How Fast Are the Best Lip Filler Results in Lusby Seen?

In today’s world of on-demand services, it’s natural to want instant results. But is that realistic? How soon are lip filler effects seen?

Here’s what you need to know about when you’ll see the best lip filler results in Lusby from top brands like Restylane!

When Will I See the Best Lip Filler Results in Lusby?

One of the major benefits of lip fillers is the immediate results. Yes, you will see effects right away! However, it can take weeks for the product to settle into place and the full results to become evident. Some of the fullness you see instantly after injections is due to swelling.

How Long Does Swelling Last? Here’s the Timeline to Expect

After your initial lip filler appointment, you can expect swelling. The piercing of the skin from injections causes your body to respond by sending increased blood flow and other fluids to the area.

Swelling will continue to intensify, peaking on days two and three. This is temporary, so don’t panic!

Inflammation and swelling start to decrease during the latter part of the first week, and you will begin to appreciate the new appearance of your lips. The transformation becomes more evident as the days pass.

By the end of the second week, swelling and bruising should be gone.

Before making any decisions about whether you’re happy with the results, wait two more weeks to allow the filler to completely integrate into lip tissues.

After four weeks, you should see your final outcome.

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