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Beauty isn’t skin deep, as the old adage says.

In 2010 and nearing my 42nd birthday, I came across a new Botox study that turned my life around amidst a nasty recession. As my husband and I scrapped by to continue to provide for our three children, my stress swelled.

One look in the mirror could reveal my anxiety.

Tension grooves outlined my eyebrows and devastating wrinkles rutted into my forehead. The furrows eventually made their way into my psyche as well. As much as I hate to admit it, my appearance was affecting the way I acted around my family. I was quick to anger and slow to see things rationally.

I wouldn’t allow myself to keep up that kind of behavior. So while scouring the web for potential therapy or any hope of stress relief, I found that Botox study. It said the procedure not only relaxed forehead lines but, in due course, the mind too!

By paralyzing the underlying muscles, it explained, the treatment actually alleviates the terrible feelings associated with a seriously aging appearance—including sadness, intense emotion and stress.

In short, Botox makes you look and feel better—and not to mention, cheaper than a therapist.

After going through with it, I was committed, not just for myself but my family too.

Now a glance in the mirror shows a new me. My face is intact like I haven’t seen since my 20s and, most importantly, I have a smile I just can’t shake.

The study was right. After my Botox treatment, a wonderful placidity settled in. I was happy. I am happy.

I was that much more elated to find out this all isn’t a secret. Last year, nearly nine million cosmetic procedures were done in the United States alone and over 80 percent of those were nonsurgical, just like Botox injections.

I only have to go twice a year now. That’s only two sessions at under the price of a shrink for a better, thriving relationship with my family.

That’s as good-looking of a deal as you’re going to find.

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