Under Arm Liposuction and Tightening

Are you self-conscious about your arms? Under arm liposuction and tightening can have you feeling confident to rock your favorite tank tops in no time.

What Is a Mini Arm Lift?

A mini arm lift is a procedure that contours your arms for a slimmer and sleeker look.

During this procedure, your surgeon will re-craft your arms to remove any loose or sagging skin and tightening the remaining skin.

Arm Issues

As you age, your skin and fat in your arms change due to a variety of factors including genetics, sun damage, and weight fluctuation.

You may have noticed that your arm skin is now thinner or looser than it once was.

Moreover, fat in this area can often be difficult to target even through diet and exercise.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

There are many factors that can determine if you are a good candidate for under arm liposuction and tightening.

If you have excess arm fat with good skin tone you are a good candidate.

If you tend to have mild levels of extra skin your doctor will likely perform a plasma skin tightening produced instead of surgery to achieve your desired results.

A mini arm lift is ideal for those with moderate levels of excess skin or for those with excess fat and skin.

Are Weight Loss Patients a Good Candidate?

If you have recently lost 75 lbs. or more, you may be a good candidate for this procedure.

However, the best way to determine your ideal treatment option is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified physician with extensive experience treating excess fat and skin.

What Is Recovery Like?

You can generally expect your recovery period to last for a few weeks as your body heals.

Under Arm Liposuction and Tightening in Your Area

If you are looking to finally address the extra skin or fat on your arms, call Mid Atlantic Skin Surgery Institute today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team at (301)396-3401.

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